How does GPS Work

How does GPS Work
A look at how GPS works combined with Outdoor Activities
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of 24 satellites orbiting earth at 7,000 miles an hour.  The satellites were launched and are maintained by United States Department of Defense for the benefit of military applications.  The Satellites orbit the earth […]

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Best Helmet Camera Mount

Last Update: March of 2011


Intova Universal Camera Helmet Mount
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The Intova Universal Camera Helmet Mount is an innovative way to get point of view video of whatever sport you desire, as long as you are wearing a vented helmet.

The small contraption mounts […]

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Best Boots for Stand Hunting

Stand Hunting is Tough on Your Feet:

I don’t care what people say about it, tree stand hunting is hard work.  Any stand hunting for that matter whether it be from a ground blind, elevated stand, or just a strategically sitting on the ground.  It takes mass amounts of patience and sitting in some less than […]

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How to choose a GPS for Hunting: Things to Remember When choosing a GPS

How to choose a GPS for Hunting:
Things to Remember When choosing a GPS
GPS is an invaluable tool for hunting, as well as many other outdoor hobbies.  When choosing a GPS for hunting there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your money.  Not all GPS […]

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How to Call in Coyotes: Using Calls to Bring Coyotes In Close

How to Call in Coyotes:
Using Calls to Bring Coyotes In Close
One of the most exciting and effective ways to hunt coyotes is by using calls to bring them in close.  Though efficient, learning how to call in coyotes is not easy, as there is more to calling in coyotes than one would think.  Coyotes are […]

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Best Binoculars for the Money: A Compromise Between Price and Qaulity Binoculars

#1 Best Binoculars for the Money:

Vortex Talon HD 10×42 Binocular: For inexpensive binoculars, you will not find a better deal than the Vortex Talon HD.  With high density optics (HD), extra low dispersion glass, it is doubtful that you will find a clearer, more scratch resistance set of binoculars in this price range.  In […]

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Binoculars, How to Buy: How to Buy the Right Binoculars the First Time

Due to the fact there are so many uses for binoculars and so many models to choose from, learning how to buy binoculars, in particular the right binoculars, can sometimes be a daunting task.  There is a long list of specifications that need to be met by the binoculars you choose, many […]

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How to Purchase Binoculars: What Binoculars to Buy

With the many sizes, styles, and price ranges available for binoculars, it is difficult to know how to purchase binoculars that are right for you. There are many variables as to what binoculars to buy that need to be taken into account regardless of whether you plan to use binoculars for bird watching, wildlife […]

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Best Hunting Rangefinder: What to Look for In a Rangefinder for Hunting

Rangefinders have become a huge part of hunting. So what makes up the best hunting rangefinder? Well, it is obvious that knowing the range of your target is a huge benefit, especially when shooting long range and archery. The further out a shot is, the more the projectile will drop, but if you […]

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Laser Rangefinder: How Rangefinders Work

Laser Rangefinders have many different uses and applications and have become necessary equipment for different types of people specializing in different activities. Fact is that everybody that uses a rangefinder knows how easy they are to use and how beneficial they can be, although the actual dynamics of laser rangefinders and how rangefinders work […]

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