Garmin Rino 655t Review : An In Depth Review of the Garmin Rino 655t and 650 GPS Receiver

The Garmin Rino 600 series is the latest advancement in Garmin’s line of GPS Receivers with a built in 2-way Radio.  Here we will focus on a Garmin Rino 655t Review, which will also pertain to the Rino 650 as it is very similar with the exception of a few features.The Rino product line began […]

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Bow and Arrow Hunting : Tips and Tactics to Becoming a Successful Bow and Arrow Hunter

Bow and arrow hunting is considered one of the biggest challenges of hunting.  To get into bow range of any big game animal can be a challenge, with taking a mature animal such as a buck deer or bull elk being the pinnacle of all hunting.  How to increase your odds and becoming a better […]

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Mountain Lion Encounter: A Weaponless Hunter Finds Himself Face to Face with a Cougar

By Chris Jackson
September 2, 2011
A Face to Face Mountain Lion Encounter
Growing up in the mountains and semi-arid canyon lands of the Northwest United States of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, I have had several experiences realizing both how peaceful and dangerous the outdoors can be.  I have logged many days hunting, fishing, hiking, but it was […]

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Vortex Talon HD Binocular Review

Vortex Talon HD Binocular Review

As soon as I saw that Vortex had come out with the Vortex Talon HD 10×42 binoculars, I made sure there was a demo pair heading my way.  I have been a huge fan of Vortex Optics since they became popular about 15 years ago when they brought the features of […]

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Early Season Bow Hunting Tips: Tactics to Take Down That Early Season Buck

In many states, bow hunting season starts in August and goes all the way through the rest of the year.  That gives a bow hunter a lot of time to hunt, but there are also lots of species that he may choose to pursue as well.  Of all time throughout the late summer, fall, and […]

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